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Frequently asked questions...

What is the cost of the Utilitoteô hands-free, rigid carrier?

The retail price of a single Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier is $39.99 plus $12.00 shipping and handling (MN residents will also have to pay sales tax).  Please note that progressively larger discounts will be applied to both the cost of the device and the shipping and handling charges as the quantities ordered increase.  Please  e-mail us for details.  Resellers should also inquire for special wholesale pricing.

Why do you emphasize that the Utilitote carrier is rigid?

Rigidity is important because it enables all of the weight of the Utilitote carrier and its cargo to be transferred to the userís lap, while still maintaining its ability to securely contain its cargo.  If someone were to substitute a non-rigid carrying medium, like a duffle bag, for the rigid, plastic bin of the Utilitote carrier, upon placement on the userís lap, such a bag would spread out to conform to the shape of the userís lap as well as the shape, size and weight of the carried items. This could allow the cargo to shift, potentially off the lap of the user and onto the ground.  The box-like structure of the Utilitote carrierís plastic bin not only provides the rigidity necessary to keep the userís cargo securely in place, but it also provides the user spill- or soak-through protection when carrying liquids in unsealed containers.

Does the Utilitote carrier come in any other colors or designs?

In order to keep the cost to the end user as low as possible, at this time the Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier does not come in any other designs or colors.  In addition to our cost-saving objective, we at Blue Zone Enterprises wanted to emphasize the ďutilityĒ aspect of the device.  As such, we decided to give it a more utilitarian look, so that users wouldnít be dissuaded from carrying things like garbage/recycling, gardening supplies, or tools, as they might otherwise be if the device were to have a more decorative appearance.

Why should I consider having more than one Utilitote carrier?

Aside from the pricing and shipping discounts offered when more than one Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier is ordered at one time, we at Blue Zone Enterprises have heard from our users that they find it handy to keep one Utilitote carrier on each level of their living space, as well as in each of their vehicles.  That way, whether upstairs, downstairs or out and about, they are never left without the capability to carry items by themselves, from their wheelchairs, hands-free.  Furthermore, because of the Utilitote carrierís usefulness when working on home improvement projects, which can span any number of days, it has been reassuring to many of our customers to know that they can always have an empty Utilitote carrier ready to go, should one of their other Utilitote carriers be in service elsewhere.

I canít lean forward with a fully loaded Utilitote carrier on my lap.  How am I supposed to wheel up an incline without tipping over backwards?

When the Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier is fully loaded and securely resting on a userís lap, it often provides enough counter-balance to mitigate the need to lean forward when wheeling up an incline.  However, as every situation is different, each individual user must carefully evaluate his/her own ability, the stability or center of gravity of his/her own wheelchair, the weight of the counter-balancing load, and the pitch of the incline to be covered before deciding how best to proceed. It is ultimately the responsibility of each user of the Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier to know his/her own limits and operate safely within them.


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