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Because the Hound-a-bout dog walker is designed to work hands-free, you have both hands available at all times for the safe operation of your wheelchair.  And because the system is engineered to provide your dog 360 degrees of roaming flexibility, he or she is free to investigate whatever grabs his or her interest along the way.

But the Hound-a-bout hands-free dog walking system also offers utility that extends beyond users in the wheelchair community.  Because the aluminum mast comes in a standard one-inch outer diameter, it fits easily into a number of widely available receiver media (PVC pipe as an example).  This feature means that with a six- or eight-inch section of receiver tubing mounted to a heavy, fixed object or sunk into the ground, the Hound-a-bout system can double as a drop-in, tangle-resistant tie-out.

And if an ambulatory person would like to walk your dog, simply release the carabiner cradling the Flexi leash from the nickel-plated snap clip at the top of the mast, and send them on their way.  Or, if the hands-free aspect of the system appeals to bike riders or stroller users who would like to share their activities with their dogs, they need only mount a tubular receiver to a bike or a stroller, drop in the Hound-a-bout dog walker, hook their dog up and go, with both hands left free to securely grip the handle or handle bars.

Walk your dog from your wheelchair.

Enjoy the physical, emotional and social benefits of walking your dog from your wheelchair with the Hound-a-bout™ hands-free dog walking system.  Simply remove one of your wheelchair’s swing-away, tubular arm rests, drop the Hound-a-bout mast into the empty receiver, hook your dog up and go!  And if your chair didn't come equipped with tubular, swing-away arm worries!  We will work with you and your wheelchair's manufacturer to make sure you have the hardware you need to make the Hound-a-bout system work.

Above, left - Blue Zone Enterprises founder, C. John Stanchina, demonstrates the Hound-a-bout hands-free dog walking system with Sam, his inspiration for the device. Above, right - Louie showcases the Hound-a-bout system used as a tangle resistant tie out.
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