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Please heed the following warnings...

There are a few cautions users of the Utilitote™ hands-free rigid carrier must pay attention to.

First, when loading the device, users must try to balance the load evenly over the base of the Utilitote carrier.  Failure to do so may cause the bin to tip in the direction of the more heavily loaded side when lifted single-handedly with the strap, potentially spilling the contents of the tote.

Second, users must be careful not to overload the Utilitote carrier.  In the rare event the device actually slides off the user’s lap, an excessively heavy load could potentially pull the user along with it, and out of his or her wheelchair, if he or she has positioned the adjustable strap around the back of his or her neck.

Finally, users must exercise care with regard to the height of the load carried relative to the height of the Utilitote bin.  Carrying cargo whose center of gravity is higher than the attachment points of the adjustable strap will result in instability when that cargo is lifted single-handedly using the strap.  This situation could also lead to spilling the contents of the tote.

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