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The Utilitote hands-free, rigid carrier starts with its ideally proportioned plastic bin, measuring 18 wide, by 7 high, by 11 deep.  It will fit easily on the average adults lap while offering enough carrying capacity to accommodate a full-sized bag of groceries with room to spare.  The strap completes the device, and is made from durable 1 nylon webbing.  The strap adjusts from 3258 in length, and each end is equipped with a solid metal swivel snap clip for quick, easy and reliable connectivity to the plastic bin.  The strap also boasts a custom-made 9 ultra soft neck pad for the ultimate in user comfort.  The total device weight is a mere 1 pounds, making it far lighter and far less complex than other carrying systems designed to attach to the users wheelchair.

The Utilitote carrier, up close...
Left, some of the Utilitote carrier's key dimensions; And although the 1 wide nylon strap is folded for display purposes, it adjusts from 32 58 in length, all while maintaining a total system weight of just 1 pounds.
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