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While we’re really proud of both the Hound-a-bout™ hands-free dog walking system and the Utilitote™ hands-free rigid carrier, and the unmistakable benefits these innovative products afford their users, we wanted to be more than just another maker and seller of assistive technology.  So we launched BZE Insights – our own means of sharing information on technologies, perspectives, techniques or modifications that could help those paralyzed by injury or disease speed their return to healthy, independent living.

Clicking on the any of the links below will open a pdf version of the article on the associated topic in a new window.  So if you have pop-up protection enabled on your web browser, you may need to add to your browser’s list of exceptions.  Once you have opened an article, please feel free to print it, save it, or pass it along to anyone else you think would appreciate it. All we ask, is if you intend to include our content in another publication, please give us the courtesy of citing as the source of the information.

And if one of the article topics doesn’t appear to be a link when hovered over with your mouse, that just means that specific topic is a coming attraction – so please continue to check back from time to time to see if a piece on that topic has been published.  Also, if there are any topics you would either like to see covered or information you think others in situations like yours might like to have available to them, please click here, and e-mail us your comments, thoughts or contact information.

We hope you find the information provided by BZE Insights useful, and we thank you for your interest!

The Accessible Man Cave - Making the most of your garage space (February 2011)
Sam's Story - What a companion animal can do for the newly injured (June 2011 **REVISED May 2012**)
The Accidental Innovator - How to get your product idea to market (March 2012)
Suicide - So many in "the club" have at least thought about it
Friction Matters - How to keep your winter driveway looking like it's the middle of summer
Vehicle Transfers – Needing a wheelchair doesn’t necessarily spell handivan
Taking out the Trash – Life in reverse
Something immobile like you without your chair? Put it on wheels, too!
Keeping your home clean – Pay attention to Newton’s Third Law.
Internet dating – Know thyself and put it out there!

Using cooling to prevent pressure ulcers
Picking a chair – A small footprint is key; If it folds up, even better!
Cruising Alaska
Accessible living space on the cheap
Giving by receiving
Domestic air carriers – Not all airlines serve up accessibility equally
What does your idea of “accessible lodging” mean?
Gloves – They’re not just for golfing, skiing or cycling anymore
Visibility – Be seen at night!
The crips vs. the blind – What happens when disability interests conflict?
What's your disability? Apparently, it's parking!
Defending yourself – Is CCW right for wheelchair users?
bze001013.jpg bze001011.jpg bze001009.jpg bze001007.jpg bze001005.jpg bze001003.jpg
What changed my approach to managing/preventing UTIs?
Thermoregulation & SCI – A couple of ideas on how to stay warm
Tips on Starting a Manufacturing Business as a Paraplegic (November 2012)
Telescoping tools – stay put & let the extension do the work